Weverton Cliffs in March

I always try to get a “tune up” hike in during March. It’s a chance for me to make sure that I’ve got the right suite of equipment for the upcoming Memorial Day hike. Despite doing this hike-then-camp stuff for going on a decade now, I somehow always end up coming back with some lessons learned. That’s life, y’know?

This time around I went back to one of my favorite local places - Weverton Cliffs - with my buddy Jerry from work. Jerry had recently purchased a hammock and wanted to give it an extra spin, having used it only once the weekend before. We departed from my house at around 12:30 with a plan to hike around 8 miles one-way.

It being a wonderfully sunny day, Harper’s Ferry was jam packed with people. There was a nice breeze blowing through the town, and it carried us right across the bridge and onto the C&O towpath on the other side. We waved to the turtles and plodded away on the most boring part of the hike. After 3 miles of dead-even trail, we abruptly turned left and marched up the mountain. It didn’t take very long before we arrived at the cliffs. Once there, we chatted with the other folks that were also hanging out.

A Warm Winter Day in Middleburg

Middleburg is another place we like to visit when we’ve gotten sick of Leesburg. The two are similar in that they each have a good array of restaurants and shops. On a rare warm winter day, we all went out to see what could be seen there.

A Trip to the Air and Space Museum

The family was overdue for a trip to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. It’s just down the road, so it’s a good trip for a cold or rainy day. It just so happens that it threatened to snow yesterday, so there you go!

I’d been to the museum before several times, but I didn’t have fast enough lenses at the time. I brought my 35mm f1.8 this time around, so I was able to get all the pictures that I wanted at reasonable ISOs. It didn’t disappoint, and I’m certainly putting it through its paces. I’m sure that this lens is going to be fixed on my camera for the majority of the time going forward.

Bodie Island Grass

It’s a common pattern for me to think about warmer weather in the middle of a cold winter. Lately I’ve been thinking about the Outer Banks trip we did earlier this year since we recently secured another week there for this year’s vacation.

One of the mornings this year we woke up early to visit the Bodie Island lighthouse. The marsh there was absolutely beautiful. The sun seemed to stream in at just the right angle to highlight the various spider webs and flowers all throughout the area. It really was a sight.

An Old Barn in Raleigh, Sunrise

Having seen so many barns and farmhouses on my trip down to Raleigh, I asked my friend if he knew of any good ones to shoot at sunrise. He did, and we went the next morning. We had a great time watching the sun come up over this spot. A worthwhile sight for an early-morning wakeup This is close to a 180-degree panorama taken w/ assistance from my new (at the time) panoramic tripod head.

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